Properly drafted prenuptial agreements are valid in Arizona. Such agreements may control a wide variety of issues, including spousal maintenance, the future acquisition of property, and ownership of assets. They also can help limit the need for, and the scope of, a divorce trial. However, prenuptial agreements are often drafted inadequately and thus fail to provide the intended benefits.

At RD SMITH LAW, we will take the time to learn what you need, and draft an agreement to meet your goals.
It is important to discuss the ramifications of a prenuptial agreement if your soon-to-be spouse asks you to sign one. You do not want to be left with nothing after 20 years of marriage. It is in your best interest to sit down with an experienced attorney who will explain to you the long term effect of the agreement that has been presented to you. You cannot be blinded by love when you are asked to sign a prenuptial.

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