One important thing to do after you are divorced is to review your estate plan or to create one if you have never done so. If you executed a will when you were married, chances are that you provided that upon your death, your spouse will be your personal representative and that your estate will be distributed to your spouse. Now that you are divorced, you should address how you want your estate to be handled.

If you have children, you also may want to make provisions for their care after you die. These obviously are not issues you want to think about, but they are important to your family’s welfare.

At R D SMITH LAW, we are experience in all aspects of the estate planning process, including wills, trusts, financial powers of attorney, health care documents and living wills. Now that you are on your own, you should put your financial affairs in order.

You also may want to have your parents review their estate plans. It is not unusual for parents to appoint either a son-in-law or daughter-in-law to serve as the personal representative, successor trustee or agent. It is likely that now that you are divorced, your parents may want to make alternate plans.

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