Child support orders are subject to modification upon a showing of changed circumstances. Thus, for example, if the party paying support receives a significant increase in wages, the parent receiving child support may be entitled to an increase in support. After all, if the parties had stayed together, the child would have benefited if a parent’s income increased. The same should be true even when the parents have divorced. Similarly, if the party paying support suffers an unavoidable decrease in wages, it may be appropriate to lower child support. The financial circumstances of the party receiving child support also may justify a modification. If that parent receives an increase or decrease in income, it may be appropriate to change the amount of the child support.

There are many factors upon which a court may increase or decrease support orders. A discussion with an experienced attorney about your specific situation may be necessary to ensure that your support order is correct. At R D SMITH LAW, we will take the time to review your case thoroughly, in order to determine the correct course of action.

Usually, if there are multiple children, the child support does not go down automatically when one child becomes emancipated. A petition to modify is necessary to recalculate support.

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