attorneyfeesIt would be untrue to tell you that contested divorce or custody proceedings can be litigated cheaply. The issues in such cases are important, particularly those involving the welfare of your children. It is unlikely that you want to scrimp on your legal representation on these issues.

The fees, however, do not have to be exorbitant. It is important to discuss your case with your attorney in detail and agree upon a course of action that fits the complexity of your case and is within your budget. At R D SMITH LAW, we are willing to set up payment plans that permit our clients to pay the fee over time.
The law provides that in certain circumstances, the court may order one side or the other to reimburse all or part of the attorney’s fees incurred by the opposing party. This is because important rights should not be determined solely on the basis that one party lacks the funds to pay for legal services.

One of the most significant factors in the award of attorney’s fees is the reasonableness of each side’s position. The court typically will be less inclined to award fees to someone if that party took unreasonable positions in trying to resolve the case. Similarly, the court may be inclined to order someone to pay fees if he or she took unreasonable positions.

Therefore, it is important to work with an experienced attorney in determining reasonable positions for the issues in your case. You must decide which issues to fight and which issues should be compromised.

R D SMITH LAW, Roger D. Smith, attorney, is ready, willing and experienced to guide you through the YOUR personal family law process.

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