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Attention Snowbirds!

Arizona is a state perfect for snowbirds because of the warm weather all year round. Many older adults from cold weather states flock to Arizona for the winter months, and tend to own property (i.e., pay taxes) in both states they reside in. Being an older taxpayer in two states is an especially strong reason […]

The Important Step That’s Sometimes Forgetten

If you are getting remarried there are a few additional things you need to consider since your first marriage. One of those things is changing your estate plan and will. Modifications need to be made noting of changes since your divorce and if you are gaining step-children that you want involved. Check out this informative […]

Estate Planning 101

If you are getting older in age and think it is time to start laying out your estate, there is never a wrong time. This article discusses five mistakes people make when organizing their estate and ways to avoid those mistakes. For those who are unfamiliar with estate planning in general it might be easier […]

Investing Wisely

The first step for many in planning for retirement is setting up a 401(k). It is never too early to start this portfolio. Whether your attorney or your stock broker is your financial advisor there are things you and your advisor should make note of in protecting your 401(k). Read this great article from Financial […]

Why You Should Have a Trust Protector Provision

In the process of estate planning you may assign a few loved ones to be your trustees and beneficiaries. However, if those people ever disagree on anything it might be useful to have a trust protector provision. Your trust protector will be the decision maker in that case. Read more about this role in this […]

Covering the Bases of Your Estate

If you have not begun to give thought to your will, now might be the time. It is never too soon, and, as this article states, it is one less thing your loved ones have to go through if you suddenly pass away. This article is great at explaining what might happen if you don’t […]

Financial abuse

Elderly people are some of our most vulnerable citizens as their health is often not very good and they are very trusting of people who remain current on their respective industries. Although elderly people are some of the most wise individuals in our society, they need to be protected from swindlers, especially in the financial […]

Automatic 401k?

It is common knowledge that it is of the utmost importance to save for retirement early and often. How you save though, is a little bit more of a grey area as there are many different ways to invest and keep your assets. Many employees in this country do not have a 401k or a […]