Single Parents After Divorce

Divorce is always so hard, especially on children. When you become a single parent, there are so many fears that overwhelm you. Most of these fears stem from one thing, doubt that you will be able to handle everything life throws your way. That doesn’t make you a bad parent, it actually means the opposite. Read this blog from a woman raised by a single mom. 

I won’t lie. There were times growing up that I hated my mom.

She was a single mom. She spent her days teaching emotionally disturbed children and would come home totally exhausted. Some days she was so tired that she locked herself in her room and took a nap. There were microwave dinners, burnt dinners, cold pizza dinners. There were tears and raised voices.

There were times I called her the worst possible names. There were times I cried. There were times she cried, too.

But there were also good days, and there were always reconciliations. There were always afternoons when she swept me and my sister up in the car and took us out for frozen yogurt. Sometimes she would take us out driving just to see the fancy rich people’s houses. Sometimes we’d drive through the woods just to get lost.

I always loved my mom and appreciated her in the midst of the turmoil. She was my rock. The reason I could hate her and spill my guts out to her is because I knew she loved me unconditionally. I knew she would always, without a doubt, be there for me.

And it’s the reason that despite a childhood filled with divorce, custody battles, and latch-key afternoons, my sister and I grew up to be kick-ass women. We grew up to be independent women who know how to get things done. And most importantly, we became women who know how to love with all our hearts.

I don’t think I fully appreciated all she did for us until I became a mother myself. The early years of babyhood punched me in the face. Here I was, dripping breast milk, covered in spit-up and snot, and existing on very little sleep. I was attending to the needs of these tiny little beings whose entire existence depended on me.

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