How to Retire Happy

You’ve worked hard for many years. You’ve probably raised a family and shared beautiful memories with those around you. Now all of your hard work is paying off and it is time for you to retire but are you ready? The AARP has some tips that can help you retire with the most money possible. Be sure that planning your estate is also part of your retirement process! Call RD Smith Law for more information. 

Some of us embrace it, others dread its approach, but few escape retirement. No matter how you feel about it, you need to take some steps to make sure you have the mental and monetary resources to make this next phase of life a happy one. Here are six key questions you need to ask yourself about retirement, as well as some practical tips for improving your financial security.

1. Am I ready to retire?

Many people who are eligible for retirement prefer to keep working. Sometimes it’s because they need the money or want to keep their health insurance, but often it’s because they like their jobs and the people they work with. So, think hard about whether you’re really ready to give it up – not only the aggravation of work but also the stimulation and the fun of your workplace.

2. What will I do when I retire?

Retirement can last a long time. At age 65, men are expected to live for another 17.7 years and women for another 20.3 years. If you retire at 65, you could spend many years in retirement – too long to be a couch potato. So before you retire, decide what you want to do during the years ahead. Pick something that matches your interests, talents and experience. It could be teaching at the community college, coaching a Little League team or volunteering at the local hospital. Activities like these will give you personal satisfaction. And they will help you create some close connections to other people – a vital need for any happy retirement. Some retirees join service organizations like the Lions, Rotary or Kiwanis. When I retired, I joined a local chapter of Lions Clubs International. I made new friends and became involved in the Lions’ programs to protect and preserve the eyesight of people around the world. It was very rewarding.

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