There’s An App for That!

This expression is becoming redundant. There is an app for absolutely everything it seems. There are some that are rooted in frivolity and fascination with the fact that we can make apps but there are others that actually prove incredibly useful. There are some financial apps that are coming into circulation that can help you with everything from creating expense reports to managing your personal expenses and everything in between.

This popular app collects all of your financial information and puts it in one, easy-to-view place. “It’s reliable and it works quickly,” says Andrew Schrage, co-owner of Money Crashers Personal Finance. “It categorizes all my transactions automatically, lets me know when I’ve overspent in a certain budget category and gives me real-time updates on available cash and credit card debt.”
Created to provide “expense reports that don’t suck,” according to the Expensify website, the Expensify app is geared toward business travelers looking to keep track of mileage, receipts and other expenses on the go. The app organizes expenses into categories set by the user, syncs credit and debit cards and generates eReciepts for purchases under $75.
Many banks have their own mobile apps, Schrage says, and they make a handy tool for consumers. These apps often include ways to transfer money between accounts, pay bills and deposit checks on the go. “You can research your account history . and most [bank apps] are free,” he adds. Some also include branch and ATM locators for times when mobile functions aren’t enough.
Made for mobile couponers, this app includes a daily updated coupon database and a widget to deliver daily deals directly to your phone. It also provides a barcode scanner to compare prices and allows users to simply show the coupon on their phone at the register. And for social savers, there’s a share option to text and email coupons to friends.
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