Boise Family Involved in Arizona Walmart Melee

No information on why the family was in Arizona other than a Facebook account from one of the brothers stating they were looking for “better opportunities and a better climate”. With an Office shot and many others wounded in the altercation Police took action and brought the situation under control.

We will keep an eye on how Arizona Family Law deals with this unfortunate event. Officers will be honoring a Wal-Mart employee and two bystanders who helped bring the situation to a close.

The fight at the Wal-Mart happened March 21 in Cottonwood, Ariz., a
small town about 100 miles north of Phoenix. The family had reportedly
been staying outside the Cottonwood store for several days, living in an
Chevrolet Suburban SUV with Idaho plates.

According to law
enforcement, the incident began when one of the family members shoved a
female store employee as she attempted to enter a restroom. Police
responded and family members allegedly attacked them in the parking lot,
including a struggle for an officer’s gun.

Arizona media have followed the case closely. The Arizona Republic, citing a redacted court document, reports that one member of the family may have disarmed the first officer to arrive.
According to the paper, Nathan Gaver told police that the restroom
dispute involved a man attempting to enter the restroom while their
mother was inside it.

One police officer, Sgt. Jeremy Daniels, 31,
was shot in the leg, but is expected to make a full recovery. A
Wal-Mart employee and seven other police officers suffered minor
injuries, according to investigators.

David Gaver was shot in the
abdomen and was treated at a hospital before being arrested. Enoch
Gaver, 21, was shot to death during the fight.

Two juvenile
members of the family, arrested at the same time, each face charges of
aggravated assault, resisting arrest and riot.

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