Arizona Legislature OKs REAL ID Drivers Licenses

It seems Arizona will be next in line to start receiving Driver’s Licenses that meet the more secure identification documents that have been required since 2005 when the REAL ID act was put into place.

There are only 6 States other than Arizona that do not currently meet standards.

The bill was approved through the Arizona House on Thursday 4/2.

PHOENIX – The Arizona Legislature has sent a bill to Gov. Doug Ducey allowing the Arizona Department of Transportation to issue driver’s licenses that comply with the federal REAL ID Act.

Federal facilities have begun implementing rules for more secure identification documents required under the 2005 REAL ID Act. Airports could begin requiring the documents as early as next year.

Arizona is one of just seven states not fully in compliance with the REAL ID Act.

Sen. Bob Worsley is trying to allow state officials to provide optional REAL-ID compliance licenses for Arizona residents. His efforts stalled multiple times before the Senate and the House approved House Bill 2609 on Thursday.

Opponents expressed concerns about the federal government intruding on the privacy rights of individuals. Supporters argued the licenses are optional.